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3 Ways To Provoking Divine Visitation, part 3 – Pastor Akoh Ferdinand

I have in the previous parts of this series exposed two ways to provoking divine visitation. In this very message, I shall be sharing with you the third way. But before then, I like you know that God doesn't force Himself on men. His presence is for men who learn and engage His ways.

Now, lets look at the third way to provoking His visitation;
[3] A purpose driven mindset. Divine visitation is for men with a purpose driven mindset. The bible says,

“Then said Boaz unto Ruth, Hearest thou not, my daughter? Go not to glean in another field, neither go from hence, but abide here fast by my maidens:”, Ruth:2:8.

This means ‘Ruth be focus on this field, stay on this job, be faithful in your duty, wait on this field irrespective of your desire’. No doubt Ruth was visited with marriage. kings go after men who are purpose driven not men who are double minded driven. God has time to spare but not with time wasters. Beloved a purpose driven mindset is like an adorned bride that the groom can’t wait to visit. He (groom) stays restless as if a magnet pulls him towards the bride.

Moses was purpose driven, his failed attempts to set Israel free didn’t break his zeal. God shows up for men who don’t give up and the grace not to give up is for men of purpose. Men who fail in the days of adversity didn’t plug into a purpose driven socket.

Listen, our tribulations and sufferings are meant to be a makeup to attract divine visitation. No wonder the scriptures says, after you’ve suffered a while, establishment and settlement shows up. The host of this possiblity comes as a visitation.

My brethren, until you are driven by purpose, great men can’t be your passengers. Hannah severally had been to shiloh in need of a child, but until she had a purpose for wanting the child, the child samuel would have stayed as a wish. For she said in prayers, give me a child, i will commit the child in your service. This was an invitation letter that can’t be responded to except by divine visitation. If you must receive kingdom visitors, you must be purpose driven.

Receive this mindset in Jesus name, Amen.

Pastor Akoh Ferdinand is the Senior Pastor of Veil of Glory Apostolic Ministry International, Abuja – Nigeria.

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