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Cops wrongly arrested two teenagers after report of fighting in their home in Los Angeles

A mom says her teenagers were wrongfully detained by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department inside their own home after deputies entered following reports of fighting inside the house.

The family spoke with KTLA and said the teens, 19 and 14, are still traumatized by the incident in which they believed their civil rights were violated.

It was terrifying,’ said homeowner Ceidy Cordova. ‘My kids should have never gone through this. Never. They shouldn’t ever put hands on them at all.’

Security camera footage of the October 2022 incident shows deputies enter the home and detain the children, including one clip where 19-year-old Aliza is held against a wall.

Another clip shows 14-year-old Isaac have his phone snatched from his hand and pushed up against the wall outside the family’s apartment.

In a statement, LASD officials said they did not make a mistake, writing: ‘In fact, they were directed to the location by concerned citizens and based on the information, deputies had a lawful duty to ensure there were no injured victims and/or suspects inside the location.’

According to Ceidy, the ‘wrongful arrests’ occurred inside their home in the 5100 block of Rosemead Boulevard on October 22, 2022.

The mother said she and her husband were not at home when their son and daughter alerted them to what was happening at home.

‘When she said that they were already in there and they were being aggressive and trying to grab her, that’s when I turned on the cameras,’ said Ceidy.

‘Then I saw what happened,’ the mother told KTLA of what the footage showed.

Security video shows Ceidy attempting to speak through the home camera to ask what was going on but being ignored as her daughter spoke with deputies.

Aliza is seen passionately talking with the deputies for several seconds as the mother yells out ‘hello’ to the group.

According to investigators, deputies had received a call reporting screaming person and another person who may have been hit.

The children, however, told deputies they had no idea why they were there.

Despite their confusion, the pair of teenagers were then roughed up for asking questions and were seen handcuffed by authorities.

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