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Coronation: King of Wales, family thrills royal fans

The King and the Prince and Princess of Wales thrilled royal fans at The Mall as they made a surprise appearance to greet well-wishers less than 24 hours before the coronation.

The road leading to Buckingham Palace was cleared and royal fans eagerly lined the route, having likely figured out that they may well catch a glimpse of the new King due to the security and media presence.

People cheered and could be heard shouting ‘God Save the King’ as the senior figures of the monarchy arrived to shake hands with well-wishers. One woman told Charles: ‘You look much younger in the flesh’ – causing him to jokingly grimace.

Royal superfans were left blown away by the visit, which came just hours after a downpour soaked thousands of people camped out at The Mall, with one person telling Sky News: ‘This is the happiest moment in my life.’

Royal fan Joan, 70, told MailOnline that she was left in tears. She said: ‘Charles stepped out of the car and walked towards us and he said ‘has anybody over-nighted’? And he was shaking a few hands and I said ‘yes, I did’ and he looked and he could see that my hair is really sticking up, and yes I am sleeping on the pavement.

He leaned forward purposefully and shook my hand, and it was just so beautiful – I am proud of being here today. Very emotional – I burst into tears afterwards. I have been here for William’s wedding, Harry’s wedding, the Jubilee and now I’ve come for the Coronation. I wish himself and Camilla the very best. I think they’re both good people. I’ve been here since Wednesday afternoon, sleeping here. Before I just slept on the pavement but the security people suggested I’d get a tent because it’s going to rain.’

The King went to one side of The Mall while William and Kate went to another to greet well-wishers. One woman told Charles ‘Love you Charlie’ while others passed on their congratulations to him.

Kate and William posed for selfies with fans, while Kate even appeared to join one person in a video call before also speaking on another fan’s phone before handing it back.

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