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LearnChrist Bible Study. [Topic]: Dealing With Scriptural Revelation.

Another exciting moment indeed on LearnChrist bible study meeting today as we discussed extensively the above topic. In the course of our discussion we highlighted eleven (11) Things To Note About Scriptural revelation:

1. Scriptural revelation is simply an insight or light or understanding received from the scripture that is beyond the story line, Matt 16:13-16. It usually comes from the spirit man as you study and meditate on God’s word.

2. Every scriptural revelation must be verified by linking it to other scriptures or events in the bible to make it valid.

3. Scriptural revelation is given by the Holy Spirit as He wills,1Cor 2:9-10.

4. Scriptural revelation is for the edifying of the body of Christ, Eph 4:11-12; hence any revelation that has the tendency to incite division must be set aside for further check, Acts 15:1-2, 19-20

5. One of the divine elements of scriptural revelation is that, it is intended to make people to know and love God the more, rather than inciting resentment against Him and His church.

6. Experiences from personal dealing with God can enhance or promote scriptural revelation, Ps 37:25.

7. A true scriptural revelation must inspire others when shared, Rev 19:10; because every revelation given by the Holy Spirit is for the profiting of all. What He says to one, He says to others, Mark 13:37.

8. If a true scriptural revelation does not inspire a person or group of persons when shared, then such people maybe said to have a different spirit other than the Spirit of God, 1Cor 2:14. Note these:
– No matter how young a person is in the school of the spirit, a true scriptural revelation must inspired him, because it’s one Spirit, and one Lord.
– A true scriptural revelation from an infant in the school of the spirit can inspired even an elder.
– Many years of being in the school of the spirit does not give anyone the authority to nullify a true scriptural revelation.
– Longer years in the school can only open one up to a deeper dimension of a true scriptural revelation.

9. The mind/heart plays an important role in the reception of revelation from the scripture. Note that revelation is a light that crops up in the mind. But the issue is, what kind of mind do you have – the mind of Christ that is filled with the fear of God or of the devil?

10. In the light of point six (6) above, some insight received from the scripture may not be of God. Note that, some people study the scripture because they wants to gather facts to argue or justify their wicked acts. We have different reasons for studying the scripture. If yours is the right reason, be sure what you are receiving is from God.

11. Scriptural revelation brings about a force for exploit and possession of God given inheritance. Note that the result of such a force maybe or may not be immediately.

Host: Pastors Prevail & Becky Inegbenose

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