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Putin is receiving chemo for cancer with his top general planning to ‘throw’ the war while he undergoes treatment

Vladimir Putin is receiving treatment for cancer and his top generals are looking to 'throw' the war in Ukraine as he does, according to a rumour contained in a leaked American intelligence document.

In what appears to be the gravest leak of US secrets in years, the documents – which leaked last week and have prompted a national security investigation in the US – are understood to have come from inside the Pentagon.

Revelations in the leaks include previously unreported sensitive disclosures about Ukraine, South Korea, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and others. The leaks about Ukraine in particular are of concern, as they could provide information to Russia.

Along with detailed information about troop movements and losses on both sides fighting in Ukraine, the trove also contains daily intelligence briefings – a collection of short updates from a variety of sources from around the world.

One of these briefings, the leaks appear to show, contained a rumour that said that Russia’s top general is conspiring to ‘throw’ (deliberately lose) the war in Ukraine while Putin is undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The claim suggests Russian National Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev and Russian Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov are behind the plot.

Pictures of this part of the documents have been shared online along with many of the other 53-pages included in the leak.

It says that the plot – uncovered by Ukraine – is ‘presumably in an attempt to sabotage Russian President Vladimir Putin’.

‘Ukraine Learns of Alleged Russian Plot to ‘Throw’ So-Called Special Military Operation By 5 March,’ says the title of the intelligence update.

Small parts of the update have been redacted, but it does include a string of coded of letters along the top that signify its security classification.

These are ‘(TS//SI//REL TO USA, FVEY/FISA)’ – which shows that the document is top secret and was collected by monitoring communications (SI) – and can only be released to people with necessary security clearance in the USA or the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the US).

The text says: ‘[Redacted] on 17 February learned of an alleged Russian plot to ‘throw’ the so-called ‘special military operation,’ presumably in an attempt to sabotage Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘According to who received the information from an unidentified Russian source with access to Kremlin officials, Russia planned to divert resources from Taganrog, Russia to Mariupol, Ukraine and focus its attention on the southern front.


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