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Trump attack Biden, say his family’s involvement in crime is worse ever

Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed investigations into the 'Biden crime family' were 'Watergate times 10,' after the Republican chair of the Oversight Committee, said up to 12 members of the Bidens were involved in 'influence peddling.'

Trump, 76, seized on the claims from Rep. James Comer to attack his presidential rival by accusing the Biden family of corruption on a mass scale on the same day Joe Biden launched his re-election campaign.

What Congressmen James Comer and Jim Jordan have revealed about the ‘Biden Crime Family’ would be Watergate times 10, if this news was revealed just 10 years ago,’ he said in a post on his Truth Social platform.

‘Our fake news media is corrupt at a level like never seen before.

‘There has never been anything like it. If this kind of information came out in the past, writers would be getting Pulitzer prizes when Pulitzer prizes meant something. It doesn’t mean very much any more. Yes.

Our media is totally corrupt.’

Biden’s son Hunter, 53, is being investigated by Republican-led committees over his business dealings, with inquiries being made into his tax affairs and his purchase of a gun.

He denied on a 2018 gun application that he used drugs, which was untrue: lying on the paperwork is an offense.

Rep. Comer told Fox News on Sunday that there are nine relatives involved in the ‘family influence peddling scheme’, and added: ‘But I believe, in the end, that number will be at least 12.’

‘I mean, this was the Biden family influence peddling scheme,’ the chairman from Kentucky continued.

‘And when people say, well, they were involved in ventures around the world, I haven’t found a legitimate business on the Biden end,’ the congressman added.

Comer says that the DOJ is in a ‘pickle’ over ‘what do you do with this many family members of the president?’

‘I mean, there’s not going to be anybody left for a Christmas picture if the DOJ did their job and went in there and indicted everyone that has any type of fingerprints involved in this influence peddling scheme,’ Comer claimed.

‘I mean, it’s the entire family.’

Comer and his committee have yet to name anyone except Joe Biden’s businessman brother Jim, who was involved in some of Hunter Biden’s dealings, and Hallie Biden, who was married to Joe Biden’s late son Beau.

Hunter and his wife Melissa Cohen were spotted at the weekend retreating to a $50 million vineyard north of Los Angeles owned by a Biden mega-donor.

They ventured to the secluded estate on the day an Arkansas judge ordered Hunter appear in court in person to participate in a bitter paternity case filed by a former stripper, with whom he had a brief affair four years ago, resulting in a daughter.

Hunter spent the weekend at the house of Joe Kiani, 58, who founded medical technology company Masimo in 1989 and is now worth an estimated $1.3 billion, according to Forbes.

Kiani had already demonstrated his rich generosity toward the Biden family, donating $500,000 personally and another $1 million through his company to the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children.

He also became a noted political donor, giving more than $3.8 million to the Democrats in the 2020 election cycle along with his wife, and $1 million to a pro-Biden super PAC.

The Kianis hosted a fundraiser for Biden at their Irvine, California home in January 2020, bundled more than $1 million for Biden and gave another $1 million to his inaugural committee.

And this weekend is not the first time Kiani, described by Joe Biden in 2018 as ‘one of my closest friends’, has offered shelter to a troubled Biden family member.

Prevail Inegbenose

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