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What I want God to do in my life before I die – WF Kumuyi

Founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi has said his desire before he finally breathes his last is that God will make him become more tender, more loving, and more like Christ so that he would be able to touch more lives than ever before.

He expressed the desire in a recent interview published on Faith Culture an online YouTube Channel.

Kumuyi who gave a historical overview of the Deeper Life Bible Church in the interview, said, “My dream of the future is that God will take me to where he wants me to be, make me touch more lives, to become more tender, more loving, more like Christ. And then to be able to, when I breathe my last breath, to be able to say God helped me to plant a flower in the life of someone. Somebody can say, He touched my life.”

 He said earlier in the interview that the Church started with 15 people; mostly unmarried adding that “it has grown to 120,000 members in Lagos. In Nigeria, we are over a million. We are now in 40 countries in Africa.”

 While noting that he had always wanted to be a blessing to people he said he never imagined that God would use him to bless so many lives.

He recalled the 1985 crusade of the church describing it as one of the memorable moments in his ministry that he felt really fulfilled.

 “The proudest moment I would say is after we had been growing gradually and systematically. We had a crusade in Lagos at the national stadium. It was the first of its kind. We had over 120000 in attendance every night for five days.”

 Kumuyi said the success of the crusade gave him the assurance that God is at work in the Deeper Life Church.

 He said further in the less than 10 minutes interview that the biggest challenge for him in ministry is how to keep being relevant alongside the growth of the church.

 The ex-university don also expressed the wish that he would not become too high that he would lose touch with people noting that God loves people individually

 According to him, “Those who don’t know Christ are not interested in what doctrine we believe or how zealous or passionate with are. They want to find out what is in it for them. They want to see how our faith will benefit their lives.”

 While praying that God would increase his compassion for people, he said, “Sometimes when we have a large crowd in our church we forget that we have more people outside the church. We forget many people are still out there without the Lord. We should not forget that the Spirit of God led Philip out of the big crusade he was having in Samaria to one man, the Ethiopian eunuch so he could preach the gospel to him.”

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