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LearnChrist Bible Study [Topic]: “Take Wrong!”

Text: 1Cor 6:1-7: Let us begin by looking at what the bible tells in Proverbs 3:30. It says; "Strive not with a man without cause, if he has done thee no harm." 

‎The word ’cause’ means wrong or offense. In other words, we can only strive when there’s a wrong or an offense.

However, Apostle Paul began to teach the believers in Corinth on how to handle this subject among themselves.


Having said a believer should not take a felow believer to the authority; and that they are to judge the world and angels, he admonished, “Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?” 1cor 6:7.


What does it mean to “Take Wrong”? It means to bear, endure, tolerate or put up with a wrong or offense. It also means to forbear – be patient, slow to retaliating or expressing resentment.


“With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love;” Eph 4:2. “Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another…” Col 3:13.



1. There is a spiritual maturity that comes from taken wrong, Matt 5:38-39. When Jesus taught about turning the right cheek after being slapped on the Left cheek, He was simply talking about tolerating or enduring offense.

2. Taken wrong is the root of forgiveness, Matt 18:21-22. A heart that endures wrong, is the heart that forgives.

3. It takes enduring or tolerating offence to live peaceably with people, Col 3:13; Eph 4:2.

4. It is not every wrong that you react to; let go, if possible all wrongs.

5. Think positive of your offenders and the offence.


Your soul is blessed!

Host: Pastors Prevail and Becky Inegbenose.

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