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Opinion: Defense of the Legality of Registrar Appointment at College of Education Mosogar

The ongoing appointment of a Registrar in the College of Education Mosogar has been a subject of controversy, with some individuals questioning the legality of the process. This article is intended to provide a defense of the legality of the ongoing Registrar's appointment process especially with regards to the recent accusations made by the Academic Staff Union and Senior Staff Union at the College of Education Mosogar.

It is imperative to emphasize that due process is being meticulously followed in the appointment of the registrar, ensuring complete legality and transparency.

1. Compliance with Established Guidelines:

The appointment process of the registrar at the College of Education Mosogar is adhering strictly to the established guidelines and regulations set forth by relevant educational bodies and authorities. These guidelines outline the necessary qualifications, selection criteria, and procedures for filling such positions. The selection committee responsible for appointing the registrar is diligently following these guidelines, ensuring fairness and objectivity throughout the process.

2. Expertise and Experience:

The individual that would be appointed as the registrar would possess at least a B.Sc degree qualification, which is the minimum standard qualification for the appointment to the office of a registrar not only in colleges of education, but polytechnics and universities. The appointment would be based on the individual’s extensive experience and academic qualifications, which would make him a suitable candidate for this important role.

3. Transparent Selection Process:

The selection process for appointing the registrar is being conducted with utmost transparency. All eligible candidates are given equal opportunities to apply and would be evaluated based on their qualifications, experience, and potential contributions to the institution. The selection committee comprised representatives from various stakeholders, including academic staff, administrative staff, and external experts. This diverse composition is to ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation of all candidates.

4. Committee’s Independence:

The committee responsible for selecting the registrar is operating independently without any external influence or interference. The members are chosen based on their expertise and integrity, ensuring that they would act in the best interest of the institution. Their commitment to upholding due process would guarantee that their decisions are made solely on merit and without any ulterior motives.

5. Documentation and Record-Keeping:

In the ongoing selection process, meticulous documentation and record-keeping are being maintained to ensure transparency and accountability. All decisions, evaluations, and deliberations are being properly recorded, providing a comprehensive trail of the entire process. This documentation can be made available for review to further validate the adherence to due process.

The legality of registrar appointments in educational institutions such as the College of Education Mosogar is governed by specific laws and regulations. The appointment process follows a well-defined procedure outlined in the Colleges of Education Act. The ongoing appointment of a registrar at the College of Education Mosogar is not only justified but also essential for its effective functioning and development. The registrar’s role in administrative efficiency, regulatory compliance, student support, record keeping, and institutional growth cannot be understated.

I would like to reiterate that the appointment of the registrar at the College of Education Mosogar is being conducted in full compliance with established guidelines and regulations.

The selection committee would follow due process, ensuring fairness, transparency, and objectivity throughout the entire process. The accusations made by the Academic Staff Union and Senior Staff Union at this time are unfounded and lack merit. Any attempt to challenge the legality of the Registrar’s appointment is misguided and imprudent.

Dennis Diodemise wrote from Delta State

Itodje Godstime

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