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The Mystery of Unanswered Prayers, part 1 – Evang Samuel AK

Prayers are ways of communicating with God Almighty, a means where humanity communicates with Divinity.

Have you ever prayed for something and not receive an answer? It can be frustrating and even heart breaking experience no doubt, this have made many people turned their back on God and went to pick solutions from the gutters that can’t sustain them and their future.

A friend of mine white guy asked me that if truly there’s God why do people suffer even when they pray? And i told him from the beginning God made everything so good and perfect and has no blame for what we pass through today but satan the devil is responsible for the suffering not God. Read Gen. Chapter 1,2 & 3.

Luke18:1 Jesus says that men ought to pray and not to faint. Because He knew that when we pray results might delay or not come as expected immediately so we don’t have to get tired or lost hope in praying to God.

Romans 12:12 The word of God says that we should rejoice in hope: patience in tribulations; continuing instant in prayers.

When you pray, pray with faith and don’t let any situation make you see PRAYERS to be worthless.

Every category of persons have right to pray to God and God also have to answer PRAYERS according to His will and not to the heart desire or will of man.

Because God doesn’t sees things the way man sees things, Isaiah 55:8-9 God says my ways are not your ways nor my thoughts your thoughts for as the heavens is far above the earth so then my thoughts than your thoughts

God run His kingdom with His “will” not the “will” of man.

Some reasons why we should see unanswered PRAYERS beyond frustration, heart broken or disappointment but also blessings from God.

1. It challenges us to grow.

2. It gives us opportunity to trust God.

3.It help us to know that it might not be what was meant to be for us.

4.It help us to go compassionate for others.

5. It helps us to walk in the cousel, glory and victory of the Almighty God through Christ Jesus Amen.

6. It helps us to know that we are not in control of our lives that God is in charge no matter who we are and positions we are in. Psalms 24:1

Are you born again? If yes keep the fire burning, if you’ve not embrace Christ Jesus before it’s too late.


1. At the mentioned of the name Jesus every challenges confronting you shall bow and they shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. Amen.

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Prevail Inegbenose

Prevail Inegbenose is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Spark Media & Entertainment Ventures, the publisher of Spark News Daily - Nigeria's most sought-after online news platform - Politics, Sport & Entertainment. Prevail Inegbenose hails from Irrua, Esan Central LGA of Edo State. He studied Mass Communication from the prestigious Auchi Polytechnic Auchi and graduated in 2007. Prevail Inegbenose is a veteran journalist with 15 years of active and practical journalism. He has authored so many write-ups, a lot of which had been published in the newspapers, magazines and social media. Hence Prevail Inegbenose is a Journalist, Writer, Researcher, Author, Communication Expert and Consultant, Social Media Influencer, Project Management Expert, Peace Ambassador and Advocate of Good Governance and Better Society. He's a Pastor, in fact the Lead Pastor, House of God Int'l - Rest Tabernacle, Abuja Nigeria.

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