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‘What’s on your head is what controls the life around you’ – Apostle Joshua Selman reveals

Founder and Senior Pastor of Eternity Network International (ENI), Apostle Joshua Selman, has again made a deep spiritual revelation as to the secret behind the success of men in the society.

According to him, as posted on Hevealy Mandate Facebook page, Wednesday 21st June, 2023, “What is on your head is what controls what is around your life. There are many people whose hands are full, but their heads are empty and easily, what is in your hands can evaporate”.

Apostle Selman said real inheritance is not the physical things you carry but the conviction of the one before you, the name that he gives you, the relationship that he gives you, the mantle and the grace that made him.

“You will hear the stories of people, especially in the Body of Christ; you will hear a man of God saying, “when God called me, I could not even speak English and today, he has a ministry around the world.”

“Listen, it takes more than hard work; there are spiritual forces that may have come to partner with such a person.

“There are people who came to this city (Abuja), and they didn’t have up to 100 naira on them, but the prayer of their mothers: “I don’t have money to give to you, but I once helped missionaries in 1971 and they said, “May my children be blessed…As soon as their children steps into Abuja, the forces of the spirit start mobilizing themselves.

“This is why some people do not fear; it is not what is on their hand, it is what is on their head. It was our father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo who said he was somewhere in the US and the Lord cut short his meeting and said, “Return back and make my people rich.

“He didn’t give him any physical money, but he came back with an anointing that he can declare and say; “Be blessed!” And you will hear that somebody did not apply for a job and yet, they called him.

“Men are not just made by circumstances. There are spiritual investments that men carry. I’ve shared with you the stories of my encounters with the mantles upon God’s Generals,

“I don’t just come and make empty noises, no! Now you understand what happened when Jesus appeared to me. When He appeared to me, He never gave me anything physical, but He stretched His hands and light from the King of kings and Lord of lords entered into me; that surge of power and grace.

“There are many young people who have been praying for their parents to die, so they can get the two bedroom flat.” Don’t insult your destiny. What was upon your father, that made him to never beg, that is what you should look for; not a three bedroom flat.

“There are siblings and family members fighting for years and decades over mundane properties; not knowing that if you receive what made the men themselves, you can change the tides” he said.

Prevail Inegbenose

Prevail Inegbenose is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Spark Media & Entertainment Ventures, the publisher of Spark News Daily - Nigeria's most sought-after online news platform - Politics, Sport & Entertainment. Prevail Inegbenose hails from Irrua, Esan Central LGA of Edo State. He studied Mass Communication from the prestigious Auchi Polytechnic Auchi and graduated in 2007. Prevail Inegbenose is a veteran journalist with 15 years of active and practical journalism. He has authored so many write-ups, a lot of which had been published in the newspapers, magazines and social media. Hence Prevail Inegbenose is a Journalist, Writer, Researcher, Author, Communication Expert and Consultant, Social Media Influencer, Project Management Expert, Peace Ambassador and Advocate of Good Governance and Better Society. He's a Pastor, in fact the Lead Pastor, House of God Int'l - Rest Tabernacle, Abuja Nigeria.

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